Poem by Katharine Ritzi – We will miss you seniors!

Freshman year you came to Witt
To stand above the rest
Not only were you studying hard
But putting your body to the test

You learned how to be a full time student
While swimming (and diving) for 6 months straight
You could eat in the CDR for every meal
And still manage to lose lots of weight

Being a college athlete
Has taught you an awful lot
Like how to wake up at 5am
And swim fast enough to not get caught

So raise a glass at your last banquet
Celebrating the laughter and tears
And surviving the wrath of Queen K
Is enough reason to give a big cheer

Now as you head off in May
We want you to look behind
And keep the team you love so much
Close in your heart and mind

Thank you for teaching us all you know
Without you we will never be the same
Because nobody else can understand
The reason why we love this game

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