The last couple of days on our training trip.

It has been a chilly couple of days in Deerfield Beach. And by chilly we mean low 60’s but in the morning and at night practice it is freezing! On Tuesday we had the whole day off practice, which was wonderful (thank you coaches for having souls!) Coach offered a bus trip to Ft. Lauderdale, which some of the team went on. While they were in Ft. Lauderdale, they went around to shops and went out to dinner. Being a senior, I did not go on the trip but I heard it was a nice and relaxing afternoon. The rest of the team who did not go to Ft. Lauderdale stayed around the hotel and beach, playing volleyball in the chilly weather or just laid by the pool reading. It was nice to have a much-needed day off and we were nice and refreshed for the rest of the week!

Wednesday morning we had a lovely 6:00 a.m. departure from the Buccaneer and headed to Pine Crest’s weight room to get meaty. Our lifting has definitely been taken up a notch from past Florida trips and I think it is really going to benefit us for the rest of the season. After lifting, we braved the cold and hopped in the long course meter pool to defrost. The two-hour practice seemed to drag on forever, especially because Coach Joni gave us an hour swim for our main set. We swam for a straight hour and could not stop. If someone stopped, we had to start over which would have been pretty awful. Luckily, no one stopped and the hour wasn’t TOO painful. We sang a lot of songs, such as “row, row, row, your boat, gently down the pool,” and other various tunes to pass the time by. All in all, it was a long swim but really allowed us to build our endurance and work on our technique and breathing patterns. An hour by yourself really makes you think and appreciate the time with the team way more! The rest of the day was spent at the pool and beach, and naptime for most. It is getting to that point in the week where everyone is exhausted and needs a little more rest to make it through. Wednesday nights practice was rough as well but much expected since we had Tuesday off. Coach Natalie and Joni were very pleased with our performance as a team on Wednesday, which was great! Happy coaches=happy swimmers!

It is Thursday! Almost done with my last training trip EVER! I can now count the practices on ONE hand instead of both hands and feet, this is exciting! We were up bright and early with the birds to do dry land at the Pine Crest track before practice. After running and doing our ab routine it was time to hop in the good ol’ longcourse pool. We were split into IM and then the rest of the team. It was a challenging and aerobic practice, but went by quickly (thank god!) The rest of the day was spent doing the usual beach and pool etc. Night practice seemed to be a little bit of recovery and it was really fun! We split into groups and did some fun relays in the diving well. Everyone seemed very happy throughout practice which is always a good thing. After practice, the coaches took the seniors out to Kilwin’s for ice cream. We got our ice cream and then went to Coach’s room to reminisce about the past four years. It was hilarious to tell stories about each other and different memories we have had together. Looking around the room it was hard to believe we are seniors and I have made my best friends over these four years. It was a great night and definitely put a smile on my face before bedtime! We have one more day in Deerfield Beach, I cannot believe the trip is almost over. It has been a very long ride, but at least our tans look great and we are all in tip top shape for the new semester!

Jenna Montali ’12

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