Greetings from Deerfield Beach!

It is amazing to think that our time here has come to an end.

Yesterday was filled with some hard training, fun in the sun, and of course some ice cream. To start off our last full day of practices we began with a great lifting session followed by a meet against Milwaukie University, the panthers. Needless to say the cats came out on top. The women’s team enjoyed their annual “Diva Day” at the beach, where pictures were taken and rays were absorbed. Even the loyal pool goers ventured out into the great unknown, also known as the ocean. The evening practice consisted of some more intense sets, but people’s spirits remained high. Once returning to the Buccaneer many people began packing up their rooms in anticipation for the long journey back to Ohio the following day.

It is official, Florida Training 11-12 is complete! At the conclusion of practice, the annual team picture was taken. While everyone else went to change out of their swimsuits, the seniors enjoyed taking some final pictures and showing off their diving skills. It is a bittersweet moment for the seniors, as the end of Florida training is an indicator that their 4 years of being a swimming Tiger is finally coming to an end. The training was challenging, but the moments and memories have been worth the sore muscles. Although I’m not sure if I’ll miss the soreness, I do know I will miss the attempts of playing beach volleyball and building of sand castles on the beach. While coach finished up room checks, the team enjoyed our final moments in the warm sun and bid Deerfield Beach farewell.

See you in a few hours Witt, WE DID IT!

Sinjin McNicholl ‘12

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