Another Beautiful Day in Deerfield Beach!

What another beautiful day in Deerfield Beach!
Where Coach Koukis had quite a bit to teach
In the morning the distance swimmers did
their traditional set of 3 miles
After the completion of which all of
the seniors could offer nothing but smiles
In the meantime, the other lanes were
focusing on swimming without air
So that at the end of a race their
opponents will not have a prayer
After practice there was plenty of
time to be spent in the sun
Some chose to lay out by the pool while
others went to the beach for some fun
After a morning in the hot pool, the
cool ocean water felt ever-so-grand
As did getting some laughs out
of playing volleyball in the sand
But before we knew it it was
time to get back on the bus
With the knowledge of the set at hand,
I guess that was a plus
As promised, we did twenty 50’s
all-out from the blocks
While Coach and Joni kept track of
our times with their many clocks
Though the practice was difficult we gave our all
Staying positive and cheering for each
other so that morale wouldn’t fall
When everything was finished,
we were in for a great surprise!
The coaches gave us ALL of the next day off,
holey moley we couldn’t believe our eyes!
We could sleep in tomorrow, not needing to
arrive at the beach until half past nine
Where we had team building and pictures,
a whole day away from that never-ending black line!

Nicole E. George ’12

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