The Fast Lane

Yes, our pool deck really does have a mosaic tiger on it!

Yes, our pool deck really does have a mosaic tiger on it!

Welcome to our new blog, Life In the Fast Lane. We know that the title is sort of silly. But, we thought it might get your attention or might just make you chuckle. While this is the Fast Lane, we hope you read slowly and take some extra time to leave us comments. This is a blog, so comments are the best part.

What can we promise you in exchange for your comments and regular readership? We’ll provide the insights you can’t read in our game stories. We’ll give you the real scoop. We’ll introduce you to our team one person at a time (yes, all 53 of us). We even might tell a joke here and there.

If you are a prospective student, we hope this blog will help you get to know our team. If you are part our loyal alumni following, we hope you’ll feel like you are part of the team again. If you are a current parent, you might learn something that your son or daughter didn’t write home about. And if you are a rival college, you might learn some of our greatest secrets.

The majority of the content is written by our team or by our assistant coach, Bob Rafferty. We look forward to keeping you updated on the season and will look forward to hearing from you along the way.

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