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Wittenberg Art Student Finds Passion in the Past and Present

March 21, 2011  
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Springfield, Ohio- Although a Wittenberg art major, Kalin Parmley does not consider herself the “artsy type” at all. Her artistic interest is actually photography, more specifically photojournalism. For her senior thesis, which she presented during the Winter Exhibition in the Springfield Center for the Arts at Wittenberg University, Jan. 14, she used an alternative process to develop sports photos.

Using platinum printing, Parmley took digital pictures, edited them to produce negatives, then painted liquid platinum onto them and exposed them in the sunlight.

“I wanted to combine old methods with new technology,” she said. “You couldn’t capture emotion with the old technology.” The old technology — platinum printing — takes some extra time to develop. But that’s not to say Parmley doesn’t appreciate all things outdated.

“I originally wanted to be an archaeologist,” she explained. “I loved the idea of digging up the past and learning about people. I would still like to do it.”

But photojournalism clearly suits her for now. She interned last summer with the Bellefontaine Examiner, a local newspaper near her hometown of Rushsylvania, Ohio. As an intern, she covered everything from car crashes to local events.

“It allowed me to feel like a legitimate reporter,” she said.

The paper has since offered her a job. Aside from this internship, Parmley has also worked for Wittenberg’s student-run newspaper, The Torch, for three years, two of those years as a photographer, and currently the head photographer. But The Torch isn’t the limit of her involvement with Wittenberg’s community.

“Wittenberg would not have been the same without basketball,” Parmley said.

She played for the Wittenberg team her first three years at Wittenberg, but retired early so she could give 100 percent to her thesis, which she considers the adult decision since the schoolwork helps to get a job. She loved the game, the friends and the coach, and she attends all of the games. In turn, the team came to see her thesis at the Winter Exhibition as a show of support.

In the future, Parmley looks forward to a year off before attending graduate school, but she will still look fondly on her days at Wittenberg.

“I love the people, the teachers and the small classes,” she said.

In fact, she chose Wittenberg for its size and the attention to students.

“The professors make you feel you’re not just a student but a friend,” Parmley said.

Written By: Sarah Brode ’11
Photo By: Erin Pence


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