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Wittenberg Art Department Presents Exhibit By One Of Its Own Professors

November 11, 2010  
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Springfield, Ohio – The Wittenberg University Department of Art hosts an opening of “Areas of Interest,” an exhibit of oil paintings by Associate Professor Ed Charney, at 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15, in the Ann Miller Gallery, Koch Hall. The show will be available through Friday, Dec. 10.

““Areas of Interest” refers to two things: the geographic locations where each painting was inspired and the various subjects that I have investigated during the last 11 years of living in Springfield, Ohio,” Charney said.

The exhibit features two paintings Charney completed from each of the major directions of the last several years, and several of the paintings done within the last two years. The paintings were not created solely from site visits as he blends the studio experience into the on-site work so that the two are seamless.

“I have created numerous paintings within each subject area and exhibited them as separate bodies of work in the professional venues in the Midwest region,” Charney said. “Even though each subject area looks different from the others, there is a thread of connection between them in the basic way that paint was applied, in the common visual elements and in media.”

With many divergent aspects to the sub-groups of the exhibit, one of the most obvious is the size of the images. Several paintings have never been shown before in a gallery setting for reasons such as limited space.

“There is a subjective element to that but the ‘vision’ of my outcomes start with decisions about such things as the location, format and style. I think about why the painting is being done and if it needs to fit into an established format,” Charney said. “Once those are made, the rest falls into place. No matter how simple or complex the image is there are several decisions that will be made along the way as the work unfolds. Those decisions determine time of day, time of year and other weather related issues.”

Charney will create his next body of work for an exhibit at the Keny Gallery in Columbus next summer, which he expects to feature “vignettes of my farm house and the land around it; the clouds will be the focus but the landforms will be as important as ever.”

Since joining Wittenberg’s faculty in 2000, Charney has conducted summer field study classes in Ireland and Italy. In addition, he has exhibited his work in numerous galleries, including Gallery 100 at Cape Girardeau, Mo., Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights, Ill., Gallery Alexy in Philadelphia, Pa., and Chatahoochee Valley Art Museum in LaGrange, Ga., among others.

The Ann Miller Gallery is open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday when classes are in session. Admission is free and the public is welcome.

Written By: Phyllis Eberts


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