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Wittenberg Freshman Earns International AP Scholar Award From College Board

September 30, 2010  
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Springfield, Ohio — Many incoming freshmen enter Wittenberg University with college credit earned from taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Very few, however, can match the 20 AP exams passed by Peiqian Li, class of 2014, an astonishing achievement that earned him the International AP Scholar Award from the College Board this year.

A native of Changchun in northeast China, Li received 78 semester hours of Wittenberg credit for his AP classes. The classes he took spanned the range of academic subjects, including history, art, biology, chemistry, economics, geography, political science, music, psychology, math, computer science, English literature and composition, statistics and physics. Li received a 5, the highest possible score, on most of the exams he took.

“Li’s accomplishment is a very big deal,” says Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Douglas Andrews, who learned of Li’s impressive number of AP classes while reviewing student transcripts.

Approximately 100,000 international students take AP exams every year, making competition for the two annual International AP Scholar Awards steep. The award is granted to one male and one female student attending a school outside the United States and Canada with the highest average score on the greatest number of AP Exams. The minimum requirement is a score of 3 or higher on three exams.

“I can’t believe I have actually won this award because it is so competitive,” Li said. “It is a plus I had never expected.”

Since coming to Wittenberg, Li appears to be as focused and driven as he was in high school. He has already declared a computer science major, a math minor and a music minor. He has successfully auditioned to be a member of the prestigious Wittenberg Choir.

“I am really enjoying my experience at Wittenberg so far. I love my classes and all sorts of activities here,” he said. “I’m sure I’ll have a wonderful time in the coming years.”

All AP Scholar Awards are academic distinctions that students may cite among their credentials on applications and resumes — there is no monetary award from the College Board.

Written By: Gabrielle Antoniadis
Photo By: Erin Pence


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