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Student-Professor Fiddler Crab Research To Be Presented

March 9, 2010  
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Elizabeth McGuire, class of 2010 from Springfield, Ohio, will present research she conducted with Associate Professor of Biology and Department Chair Jim Welch on March 11, at the Benthic Ecology Meeting at the University of North Carolina at  Wilmington, N.C. Titled “Fiddler Crab Larval Settlement at Ward’s Creek in Beaufort, N.C.,” the research examined whether the three species of fiddler crab that live in North Carolina estuaries settle selectively into their adult habitats or if they settle randomly, and only those which settle in the ‘right’ habitats survive. Using a molecular technique to identify the larvae to species, she found that although all three species of fiddler crab larvae are delivered to Ward’s Creek, only one species settles; it is the one species that is there as adults, indicating that these larvae are settling selectively, not randomly.

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