The Northeast End of the Garage

On Saturday, sixteen students removed gravel on the north end of the garage to begin the excavation of the north end of the nineteenth-century garage. In the east end, students observed two very different sets of bricks. The south end of the garage, measuring 6 x 6 meters, is a nicely paved with bricks on the edge.  In the northeast end, they exposed a very different deposit of bricks, on their beds now, and arranged in very haphazard manner. Students clearly deduced that whoever was responsible for laying the “floor” in this end did not know much about brick masonry. TheP1190902

On Tuesday morning, eight students arrived on site to continue work and removed the bricks after photographs and other documentation was completed. Underneath this rough flooring they found more bricks and large deposit of pebble and sand deposit, likely used to stabilize the bricks above.  

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