Springfield’s Old Burial Ground

The Old Graveyard from The History of Clark County, Ohio (1881) provides this short summary of Springfield’s oldest cemetery in downtown:

“A venerable and hallowed legacy of the early pioneers is the old graveyard of Springfield, located on Columbia street. Its early history extends beyond the memory of the older citizens, and when the village of Springfield was laid out by James Demint, September 5, 1803, three lots were here reserved as a graveyard. But with the growth of the city, its use was abandoned, and it is said that at one time an effort was made to have it utilized for building purposes, but legal difficulties prevents this desirable end.” (595)

As the city expanded, new locations were considered, even on the land now know as Wittenberg University:

“As early as the year 1842, the subject of a suitable burial-ground was urgently before the people of Springfield, and a piece of ground was selected where Wittenberg College (founded in 1845) now stands. But after a few interments had been made therein . . . the land was transferred to teh college. Arrangements were made by the City Council for the purchase of a beautifully located tract of land, known as Greenmount, lying east of teh city on the National road, between Main and High streets extended.” (595)

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