photo-1This is our last week of Wittenberg University’s new May Term intensive courses. Students in Archaeological Field Methods will continue excavating in their units during the day and researching the home owners associated with the site, the AΞD House, during the evenings. Together we will end the course by assembling the results of our research here the Nearby Archaeology site.

3 thoughts on “Final Week of May Term 2013

  1. Jeremy Hunter

    I love this!!


    It makes me appreciate what an incredible education Wittenberg offers for those who are willing to open themselves to learning!

    Jeremy Hunter ’94 EAS

    1. Dr. Darlene Brooks Hedstrom Post author


      Thank you for the comment. It has been a wonderful experience for the students involved in this project and will provide new opportunities for further archaeological work on our campus.

      Dr. BH

  2. Karen Saupe

    What a great project! As one of the Alpha Xi Delta alumni with happy memories and an interest in the house’s history, I’m intrigued by the information you’ve unearthed (literally and figuratively) here. Thanks for doing this work.


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