Chronology of Residents and Property Owners at 527 N. Wittenberg

House Residents and Owners of 527 N. Wittenberg/219 Ferncliff

1882 September 27: Property sold to David R. Hosterman for $1,000

-Hosterman had a mortgage for $750

1883 May 17: Property sold to John C. Myers for $1,250

1886 July 19: Property sold to Flora E. Winger for $1,250

Springfield City Directory 1890-91-Residents

Lizzie WHITELEY, no occupation given

Samuel F. W. MYERS, of MYERS, LAFFERTY & CO., Stove and Hardware located at 10 E. Main with Furniture and House Furnishing Goods at 15 E. Main. Samuel Myers worked with Samuel J. Lafferty and S. Frank Myers.  S. Frank MYERS also resided at 219 Ferncliff.

1892 October 17: Property sold to Ella I. McMillen for $5,200

Springfield City Directory 1892-1905 Residents. In 1892 the Myers moved to 258 N. Fountain Ave

1893 Charles E. McMILLEN, student
Samuel E. McMILLEN, student
Samuel M. McMILLEN, collector for the US Internal Revenue Office; Secretary and Treasure for the Democrat Co., and editor for The Springfield Daily Democrat
Mary O’BRIEN, domestic

1894 Charles E. McMILLEN, student
Samuel E. McMILLEN, no occupation given
Samuel M. McMILLEN, collector for the US Internal Revenue Office; Secretary and Treasure for the Democrat Co., and editor for The Springfield Daily Democrat
Bridget KELLY, domestic

1896 Charles E. McMILLEN, no occupation given
Samuel E. McMILLEN, book-keeper, The Democrat Co.
Samuel M. McMILLEN, collector for the US Internal Revenue Office; Secretary and Treasure for the Democrat Co., and editor for The Springfield Daily Democrat

No directories for Springfield, Ohio available until 1900.

1900*  Census
Rev. M. J. FIREY, pastor of First Lutheran Evangelical Lutheran Church
Cynthia FIREY, wife
William J. FIREY Jr., son
Margaret L. DETWILER, Newspaper proof reader for Springfield Publishing Co.
Nellie E. DETWILER, music teacher
Lucien DETWILER, at school

1900 Springfield Directory Listings Below

Matilda HINKLE (widow of John)
Maggie WELCH, domestic
George WHYSALL, superintendent pipe lines for the The Springfield Gas Co.(boarding at 247 N. Fountain at time of 1900 Census)
Carrie WHYSALL, at home (boarding at 247 N. Fountain at time of 1900 Census)
Herbert WHYSALL, son
Ruth WHYSALL, daughter
Mrs. Jane WHYSALL 

1901 Margaret L. DETWILER, Proof Reader for Springfield Publishing Co. (moved from 482 S. Limestone to 219 Ferncliff)
Nellie E. DETWILER, music teacher (moved from 482 S. Limestone to 219 Ferncliff)

1902 J. Frank COLLINS, draftsman at 54 Gotwald Blg
Margaret L. DETWILER, Proof Reader, High and Factory
Mary MILLER, domestic
Rev. M. J. FIREY, pastor of First Lutheran Evangelical Lutheran Church
Cynthia A. FIREY, wife

1903 J. Frank COLLINS, draftsman

1904 Ella BUTLER, domestic
Fred’k Geo. COLLEY, Secretary and General auditor American Seeding-Machine Co., located at southwest corner of Monroe & Gallagher (*Might be an alternative spelling for Mr. Cola/Colie in C. B. Kissell correspondence with MacMillen family regarding the renting of the property.  Monthly rent is $40.00)
Effie M. COLLEY, wife
Mollie HOPPER, domestic

1905 December 29: Property sold to Ollie B. Abbott for $4,100

1906 Margaret GRIFFIN, domestic
F. E. MARSH, sales manager for P. P. Mast & Co.

1907 F. E. MARSH, Sales Manager

1908 Ollie B. ABBOTT and Elmer D. ABBOTT lived there with their son, Charles G. ABBOTT student); Elmer is superintendent for the Springfield Gas Company (northeast corner of Main and Center)

1908 October 10th: Property sold to Clara Hamma for $6,800 (Husband is Rev. Michael W. Hamma, alum and faculty at Wittenberg College)

1909 Elmer D. ABBOTT and Ollie B. ABBOTT Superintendent of Springfield Gas Company

1911 Rev. M W HAMMA

1912 Rev. M W HAMMA
Mary McQUIRE (maid)

1913 Rev. Michael HAMMA dies

1914 Clara HAMMA

1915 Clara HAMMA
Mary McQUIRE (maid)

1916 Clara HAMMA
Emma SIGLER (maid)

1917 Clara HAMMA

1918 Clara HAMMA

1919 Clara HAMMA

1919 July 1: Property Sold to Springfield Chapter of the Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity


Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity (Springfield City Directory)
Mary Lohrman
Rose Atkins (Springfield City Directory)
Esther Homrighaus
Dorothy Vogelgesang
Romaine Byers (Springfield City Directory)
Emily Harris
Esther Miller rms
Marie Minor rms
Elizabeth Sigmund rms


Xi Delta Fraternity Alpha (Springfield City Directory)
Xi Delta House Stevens
Romaine E. Byers
Edith Rowenna Dinwiddle
Alice M Gelsanliter
Martha L Kerr
Mary Lohrman
Nora Estella Mann
Mary Elizabeth Vanmatre
Rachel Kathryn Markley
Doris Moffett


Alice Gelsenliter
Martha Juergens
Mary Pence
Estella N Mann
Rachel Markley
Mary E Vanmatre


Mary E. Allison
Marjorie Marshall
Margaret R Ball
Lucille Hulshizer
Rachel Markley
Mary White
Ruth Heyman
Anna Haynes
Martha Juergens
Helen B Protzman (later marries George Ballinger and donates to remodel the chapter house in 1936)
Helen Burris
Margaret Shuberth (later donates to remodel the chapter house in 1936)
Edith Dinwiddle


Xi Delta Fraternity Alpha
Mary Allison Lucille Hulshizer
Mary J White


Margaret Ball
Florence E Klaiber
Mary L Chryst


Ella Harford
Helen E Hayes
Margaret E Steiner
Roberta Raker
Betty Kwiss
Eleanor M Zander
Wilma J Sudhoff



Xi Delta Fraternity Alpha
Mary C Bissinger
Frances Gurson
Mary L Nissly
Roselea Sloan
Margaret sittler
Jane Moor
Helen Juergens
Frances Houston
Alma Klaiber
Elizabeth Cummins
Evelyn Firestone


Xi Delta Fraternity Alpha
Julia E. Albrecht
Elizabeth Deweese
J. Frank Deweese (spouse of above)
Miriam G. Conger
Mary Buckbee
Frances Curson
lberta V. Benze
Helen K. Juergens
Alma Kleiber
Jane E Moor
Margaret Sitler


Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity
Julia Albrecht
Lucretia Warner
Loretta C Zenk
Alberta V Benze
Elizabeth Cummings
Harriet E Treash
Mrs. Nellie Brown
Minni Congdon
Louis Congdon
Frances Cursan
Anna L Harbison
Alice Weaver
Imogene E Pond
Margaret Settler
Helen Juergens
Alma E Klaiber


Xi Delta Fraternity Alpha
Mrs. Nellie Brown
Mary I Buckbee
Mary E Thomas
Elizabeth C Kuhns
Carlotte M Engle
Mary E Himes
Merle K Neumann
Marjorie E Sullivan
Esther M Vance


Mrs. Nellie Brown
Joan Brusman
Jean A Zander
Wilda H Cox


Xi Delta Fraternity Alpha
Katherin M Killinger
Edna L Maxwell
Marjorie E Sullivan
Lucille E Walthers
Maude J Brandmiller

More residents will be added as drawn from The Wittenberger, or yearbooks for periods after 1933.


Springfield, Ohio Directories, 1890-94 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000.

  • Springfield, OH, 1890-91: Williams & Co., 1890.
  • Springfield, OH, 1892-93: Williams & Co., 1892.
  • Springfield, OH, 1893-94: Williams & Co., 1893.

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