On May 19th, the May Term students in HIST 305 “Archaeological Field Methods” will begin work in historical archaeology at 525 North Wittenberg Avenue. Excavations began at the site last August and continued with the assistance of some Wittenberg Archaeology Club members. We will resume our work and begin researching the home owners and the history of the property as it relates to Springfield and Wittenberg. IMG_1106

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  1. I am the grandson of Oliver Thomson Clarke, Sr., whose family resided at 525 North Wittenberg Avenue from the time of his parents owning and living on the property thereon. My mother, Nelly Kathryn Clarke, grew up in that house, and I spent my very earlier childhood there.

    I just finished reading a short passage about my grandfather, most of which was very interesting to me, and would like to provide some notation, although few.

    Frances (sic) Francis Marie Clarke was my mother’s and uncle’s younger sister who died in infancy approximately at the age of 5-6 months. My uncle, Oliver T. Clarke, Jr., did in fact graduate from Wittenberg College, but my mother graduated from Texas Christian University. She never attended Wittenberg as a student.

    If you would like to know more of this family, please feel free to contact me. My mother, who is now the age of 95, remembers her childhood quite well, but her short-term memory is beginning to fail her now.


    Joe A. Hays, Jr.

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