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New Helpers Today

Today the Wittenberg University’s “Archaeological Field Methods” class was visited by some students from Nightengale Montessori. They came to help observe what we are doing and to participate. They helped sort finds, scrape soil, and screen the collections. We appreciated their help and wonderful enthusiasm!

photo-7The students also knew about stratigraphy, how older items are often in lower strata, and that when you dig a pit that you disturb the dating of the materials within the layers!

Memorial Day on Site at Former ΑΞΔ House at Wittenberg

Registration line for David R. Hosterman

Registration line for David R. Hosterman June 1863*

Courtesy of the Wittenberg University Archives

Courtesy of the Wittenberg University Archives

This Memorial Day we will be excavating and honoring the memory of David R. Hosterman, the first private owner of the property at 203 W. College/529 N. Wittenberg Ave. at Wittenberg University. He purchased the lot from Wittenberg College in 1882. He registered for the Seventh Congressional District of Ohio in June of 1863. He was newly married and working as a teacher.

*Source Citation: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.; Consolidated Lists of Civil War Draft Registration Records (Provost Marshal General’s Bureau; Consolidated Enrollment Lists, 1863-1865); Record Group: 110, Records of the Provost Marshal General’s Bureau (Civil War); Collection Name: Consolidated Enrollment Lists, 1863-1865 (Civil War Union Draft Records); ARC Identifier: 4213514; Archive Volume Number: 1 of 4.

photo-1This is our last week of Wittenberg University’s new May Term intensive courses. Students in Archaeological Field Methods will continue excavating in their units during the day and researching the home owners associated with the site, the AΞD House, during the evenings. Together we will end the course by assembling the results of our research here the Nearby Archaeology site.