1882 Board of Directors Make History as Former Board Member Resides in this Home

Brick house built for the Chorpennings . John Chorpenning was the Treasurer for the Board of Directors for Wittenberg between 1859-1869. His wife, Anne, was granted the property by the Board of Directors for $1000 in 1882.. Shortly thereafter, they built this house on the property. 

Building a Nearby History of this House and Its Links to Wittenberg

Over the next week, students in HIST 305 Archaeological Field Methods will present biographical profiles of various homeowners of this brick residence spanning a period from 1882 until 2007. The biographies are just one part of a larger effort to build a social history of how Wittenberg’s campus changed during the late 19th century as lots on the Wittenberg Plat were sold to raise money for the college and to encourage Springfielders to live in the College Hill area. Faculty member Benjamin Prince was responsible for the selling of the lots, on behalf of the Board of Directors. The first purchaser for the lot (50 x 150) was John Chorpenning, a retired Board of Director member. Please explore the fascinating stories of the famous individuals who resided in this house. Behind this house is the 20 x 30 foot garage built at the turn of the century and the subject of our physical investigations into the history of this property.

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