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Live And Learn

Inf luenced by programs at Texas Christian and Southern Methodist universities, Wittenberg joined the national effort to establish the first Living Learning program on its campus from 1973-1981. Letters were mailed to all 1973-74 incoming freshmen inviting them to participate in the inaugural program. Seventy students accepted and were quickly divided into four sections with men housed in Myers and North Hall and women in South Hall. During fall term, freshman English classes, taught by professors Ron Cummings, Art Faber, Paul Miller and Bob Parker, were held in the residence halls.

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Before Blair Hall

Dedicated in November of 1927, Wittenberg’s Blair Hall Academy received acclaim as “The Model Educational Plant.” The academy included the first four elementary grades and served children living near campus upon the written petition of their parents. Its capacity of 150 students was quickly met, and a long wait list ensued.

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“Wittenberg, dear Wittenberg” Composer of Alma Mater Leaves Significant Mark


Each year during New Student Days, Opening Convocation and Commencement, those assembled stand for the singing of Wittenberg’s “Alma Mater.” Originally written in 1913 for the glee club, “Wittenberg, dear Wittenberg” grew so quickly in popularity that by 1923 the college had adopted it as its official song.

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Arctic Adventure

During the dead of winter in 1963, 13 students, L. David Miller, choir director, and James Telfer, public relations assistant and performing member of the group, boarded a plane to begin a tour that would cover nearly 16,000 miles in little more than five weeks. The group’s mission: to entertain troops at United States military posts on high alert in the Arctic, and to serve as the choir for Sunday church services in the local communities.

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In Service To Springfield Community Service Celebrates 20 Years

For two decades, Wittenberg has remained a recognized and award winning
leader for its commitment to service-learning on campus and abroad. In February, as the university celebrated the 20-year anniversary of its community service requirement, the campus reflected on the success and life-changing nature of the distinctive program, one that first began to take
shape in the summer of 1986.

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Experiencing Exeter Cultural Immersion In Great Britain Forms Foundation For International Education

Encouraged to step outside the familiar, many Wittenberg students annually immerse themselves in cultures around the world, a decision that not only reflects the university’s mission but also its century-old commitment to studying abroad.