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Wedding Album Fall 2009

Jennifer Burns ’05 and Robert Page ’05 were
married in Weaver Chapel on June 13, 2009.
The couple resides in Mason, Ohio.

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Class Reunion, Homecoming/ Reunion Weekend 2010

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Gilbert Belles recently received the 2009 Distinguished Friend of the College of Fine Arts and Communication Award from Western Illinois University and the Distinguished Service Award from The McDonough County Historical Society for…

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Tigers Win Face-Off

From Oct. 26-Nov. 14, fans of Wittenberg and The College of Wooster battled online before the game between the two schools during the first-ever Mascot Face-Off. Located at www.mascotfaceoff.com, the fun, interactive Web site attracted a constant slew of fans, who were allowed to vote once a day for their favorite mascot. Polls closed at 1 p.m.on game day, and by halftime of the Wittenberg-Wooster game, Nov. 14, one victor was crowned based on votes secured. With more than 70,000 total votes cast, the Wittenberg Tiger beat the Fighting Scot by nearly 3,000 votes.

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Beacon of Hope Alumna Discovers Passion In Helping Children With Traumatic Brain Injuries

In July 1987 when my brother Eric was almost 13 and I was 14, he was struck by a car while riding his bike. It started to rain, my mom was cooking dinner. A stranger pulled into our driveway and ranreflect up to our front door yelling, “Do you have a child on a bike?” I remember every single little detail about that day – it’s interesting how our brains work when our basic “fight-or-flight” response is elevated.

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Ann Bixel ’05 Advances Recruitment Efforts

As Wittenberg’s senior assistant director of admission and coordinator of New England recruitment, Ann Bixel spends her days traveling throughout the Northeast and having face-to-face conversations with prospective students in hopes of persuading them to consider her alma mater. Based in Boston, Mass. Bixel cannot imagine a better job as she gets to tell the Wittenberg story on a daily basis.

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Leading Change

Jennifer Vanica ’76 has not forgotten the day her high school English teacher tapped her on the shoulder, gave her $1,200 in cash and told her to go to college.