City Commision Work Session

Most of the interns are now quite settled in their respective positions. Because we are all working in different departments, we are seeing far less of each other than we originally did at the start of the program. However, yesterday we were all able to get together at an Eau Claire City Council Meeting.


The heads of all the Eau Claire City Departments were present to discuss their positions in the Eau Claire system. The City Manager as well as administrators from Finance, Police, and Human Resources all gave a great introduction into how their specific position fits into the structure as a whole. We learned a great deal about the workings of a Council-Manager form of government that Eau Claire uses.

Following the meeting at City Hall, we hopped aboard a brand new, eco-friendly city bus for a tour of Eau Claire. On our tour, department heads of Transit, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning, Fire, Library, and Health Services pointed out and described different aspects of Eau Claire and how they relate to their department at the City of Eau Claire. We also made a couple of very interesting stops at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants along the way. The tour was a great way to connect the City’s real-life projects and events to the theoretical ones we have been discussing in our departments and in class. It was really a great learning experience!