Interns Tour Fire Station and don Gear

Amery Fire Station

As part of their initial orientation to the city of Amery, and city government departments, the interns were given a tour of the fire station and had a conversation with Chief Darryl Christensen.   He has been in the fire service for 23 years, and was appointed Amery’s 15th chief in January of 2010.  The Department is a volunteer department that not only serves the City of Amery, but the surrounding townships of Alden, Black Rock, and Lincoln.    One of the smallest departments around with a ladder truck, the Chief’s goal is have the best equipment and training possible for his firefighters.  

The fire station is only six years old, and was built on a former rundown eyesore, brownsite, with the help of a very large donation of funds from the former owner of the site.   To read about the history of the site, click on the picture of the fire station.

Enjoy the following pictures of the interns on their tour.

Interns with the Chief

Karl in Gear on Pumper Truck

Sam Suiting Up


Sam Ready to Respond to a Fire Call

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