Last Council Meeting

Tonight, the interns dominated the city council agenda! This is probably the most productive group of interns we have ever had in the program. Here is a recap…

  • Karl and Sam presented their Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).
  • Stu and Betsy presented the Parks and Recreation Plan.
  • Stu presented the new Social Media Policy, and to put an exclamation point on his presentation, he tweeted the results of the meeting live to Amery City Twitter followers….
  • Cesar reported on the Tablet PC Project. The commissioners lean toward iPads for their future productivity enhancement possibilities.
  • Adan reported on the progress made in creating a police Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Adan and Cesar gave a Zoning map update.
  • Karl, Adan and Cesar reported that their attempt to get a $250K housing grant had successfully passed stage 2 of 4 stages.
  • Sam reported progress on his project to digitize and archive minutes of past council meetings dating back t 1935.
  • Cesar, Karl and Adan reported on progress made at improving both the economic development and city websites.
  • Finally, the Chicken Ordinance failed for lack of a second, thereby failing to bring even to a council vote a project the interns had worked hard on for 8 weeks! (Sorry Betsy!)

Darcy Long and all council members present praised the interns for their work and suggested that their work was of “A” quality. We shall see….    :)

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