Well family and friends- I am working hard, feeling great satisfaction and learning so much about the Basotho people and this beautiful country.  I am so thankful to have been able to come on this trip, even though I am missing you all, especially as we creep closer to the holiday season.

Today, we split in half to go to two different work sites. Tomorrow we will be switching the sites we attend.  My group went to a secondary school (8th-12th grade) in a village called Nazareth.  One of the teachers there is a peace core volunteer and we were going to be painting the library at the school, building some book shelves, planting fruit trees, and a few educational paintings on the outside of the buildings.  I was going to be painting a map of Africa with three other people.  Thank you Cindy Day for teaching me all the countries of Africa, came in handy and I managed to impress a lot of people at the site.  Heather, the peace core volunteer told us that the map was going to be so important for her work with the kids because so many of them believe that the US and China are in Africa.  While at first this seemed strange and ridiculous to think about, these children hear so much about those two countries why wouldn’t they think they were closer than they actually are.  It was great to see the kids innate curiosity at watching us work and their eagerness to point out Lesotho on our map.  While we were not directly affecting their living conditions, I felt we were making a major impact  on the community life and were helping bright minds soak in more knowledge.

Mom, Dad, Michael, Christian, Carly, and all my family and friends– I love you and miss you.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and I can’t wait to tell you about all of my experiences when I get home!! XXOO


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  1. Peg Conway says:

    Sounds like there’s variety in your activity. Great to hear from you! Love, Mom (Kieran’s)

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