Belated Christmas Greeting!

Hello all!! It has been a little while since we have blogged on here. Christmas up in the mountains in Ramabanta was still beautiful. All of us students were happily going along with Josh and Diane waiting for Santa to come on Christmas eve and were delighted and surprised to find that Santa had brought gifts for everyone, large and small. We all ended up with a stocking filled with candy and a few trinkets. While we were all feeling a little nostalgic for our homes and traditions, the Rosenbergs welcomed us all and made us feel like one big family.
One of Josh’s Christmas presents was a full sized football, versus the plastic smaller one he had been playing with. To celebrate that, about 20 of us, including Josh, Dr. Rosenberg, and Dwayne (one of our drivers) all joined in for a great game of touch football (except for Josh who wanted to be tackled). We finished out our night with a while elephant gift exchange which was full of laughs and a group of us went and caroled at the Rosenbergs door before they went to bed. The holiday spirit was felt throughout the entire group.
Today and yesterday, we were split up into two different groups. One going to a school to repair a playground and then working on a pigery while the other group went to a new preschool that needed a few repairs as well as an appearance change. When we first arrived at the “preschool”, first impression was that it was just a run down shack. It was a plain building, with a broken up floor, and barely enough space to contain a class of preschoolers.
Our task was the add a paint job to make it seem more like a preschool, put in windows and a door, put in a new floor, and add a veranda to the front of the school. Looking at it now, no one could possibly imagine what it looked like before. The windows look amazing as well as the floor, painting and the veranda. All we could comment was how much it looked like a preschool now. The transformation was a confirmation of why we are here. To see how we as a group could have such a profound impact on a community reaffirms for me why I am here.

Mom, Dad, Michael, Christian, Carly, friends and family– I am alive and well. Working hard, lots of satisfaction, and enjoying this beautiful country. Can’t wait to come home and celebrate Christmas with you and share my stories. I love and miss you all!!


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