Yes parents I am alive and kicking!!!

Not only did I arrive, but I have been having the most amazing time. We are only on our fourth day and it feels like home. I also don’t even know where to begin…

The first two days as you can glance over from previous blogs, has been quite the physical challenge. I am very aware of my leg muscles at the moment, but it felt great. We built and worked on two different houses for two different families that we met and it was one of the most memorizing moments of my life. Seeing the joy on their faces brought such peace to my heart. We also arrived at Baylor yesterday (also can see the specifics from previous blogs) and it was a day filled with emotions and feelings I didn’t know that i could be capable of. I wish I could describe the day for you in detail, but I couldn’t if I tried. It has been the first time in my life that I have been speechless. You better believe it family…I was speechless. We have plenty more to do and I cannot wait to see what happens next. It’s amazing because it’s always an adventure and always something new to see and something interesting to learn. Cannot wait to show you all my pictures and amazing memories. I’ll email or call soon!!

Love you all—Merry xmas Bobby, Dominique, Mommy, Mike, Teddy, Big Al and Bailey :) xoxoxx



To my family and friends,

I wanted to message you all to let you know that I have made it here safe and sound. It is crazy to think that today marks only the fourth day of working here in Lesotho. For myself and many others I have talked to it seems that we have been here much much longer. I think its the combination of the new beautiful scenery that we come across everyday. The Basotho have opened there arms to us and have taught me something new everyday. So far, my favorite activities that I have been able to experience have been being able to go to Baylor where we were able to host a carnival for HIV/AIDS children. The amount of smiles that I saw on these children and the fun we had, helped me forget that these children are faced with a much tougher challenge. We have also had the ability to build houses for a girl who is taking care of two orphans who have lost parents to AIDS. After learning the story, the motivation to work my hardest to get these houses done has been pouring through me. Days are full with no down time, as we are working hard on projects from sun up til sun down. Mom, Meg, Meaghan, and anyone else that is able to read this: I miss you all and hope that you are all enjoying Chicago. I cannot wait to share all the great memories, pictures, and stories that I have been building everyday.
Talk to you soon,


P.S. Merry Christmas to the Bordine and Galloway family and to the many other love ones of mine out there!

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  1. Laura Bordine says:

    Travis, it made me cry of happiness to finally read your words and your thoughts. All of your peers are sharing such wonderful things! I know the work must be hard but the reward is to help the children, make them smile, and be in a better place in their lives. We all are so proud of you, miss you tons, and can’t wait to see pictures and hear more stories. XOXOXO Mom and Meg

  2. Hey Miss Ashley Milliner – merry Christmas hope u had a wonderful day! Missed u at dinner

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