Sala Hantle Lesotho

Today was our final day in Lesotho. Our time here ended the way it should have,  completing a playground and spending time with the children of Roma.  We have truly been blessed to have spent three wonderful weeks in Lesotho, meeting the inspiring people who live here and who have taught us all so much.  I know that I will forever remember this place and the relationships I have built.  Even though this trip mainly consisted of us giving of ourselves to the Basotho people, I believe I learned and gained more from them than I could ever imagine. This experience and the bonds, both with the Basotho and fellow Witt students, that I have built will always hold a special place in my heart.  Sala Hantle :)

Jessica Batanian

To everyone out there,

I was finally able to read my email today and found a little note from my mom stating, “Trav, where are all the guy blog posts?”. I figured with being on a trip with majority of  girls, it would only be suitable to try and squeeze in a post here on the last and FINAL day here in Lesotho. This is not only an honor to be one of the last to talk about the amazing trip we have just experienced, but it will also make my mom and all the loved ones close to me know I am returning in one piece.  It being the last day, we worked hard over at Sister Jazelle’s and the orphanage near Maseru. It felt great to finish our project of planting 50 fruit trees and installing a playground. Like I had seen in the earlier projects and reminded once again today. What makes this trip is the amazing smiles, abundance of appreciation, and overall joy that the group and kids feel after a project has been completed. Overall, I am excited to be returning home and embarking on the long journey tommorow, but will miss all the amazing Basotho that I have met here.

See you soon America.



Hey readers,

So today was our last day in Lesotho. This ending is bitter sweet and harder than any of us could have  imagined at the beginning of this journey. In our three weeks here we didn’t just build things, we built relationships. With out the interruption of cell phones and mass media we were able to form some of the most meaningful relationships of our lives, with people that sometimes didn’t even speak the same language as us. Today my six year old friend, Boitumelo, gave me a Sesotho name, Omotle, which means ‘beautiful’. I cannot think of a better word to describe this trip. This experience has been like none other and is difficult to put into words. However, we will be headed home bright and early tomorrow so this will be the last blog post. Goodnight and goodbye.

Khotso, Pula, Nala (Peace, Rain, Prosperity)

Maggi Quigley


Hello to all,

This is the first of few times where I have been left speechless. It is hard to put our last day into words because it’s all feelings. Travis mentioned our goal of planting 50 fruit trees and completing a playground for an orphanage today and it felt so amazing to watch all the girls of the orphanage release their energy right onto it. It is a moment I will never forget. I was so proud of all of us.

We continued our day with packing and goodbye letters and I have been dreading this moment since the day we arrived. It’s time to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful country and people i’ve ever laid my eyes on. It may be hard, but receiving a hug from each child of the village has and will always bring me such happiness.

We are up and out tomorrow morning at 5am and will be arriving in DC saturday morning around 5 or 6am…so this will be our last blog. Thank you all for participating and keeping up with us on our journey.

Goodnight Lesotho and sala hantle (goodbye)

nikki georgeson


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