HELLO WORLD.  It’s Erin(squared) and Jess B hurr to give some shoutouts to our families –


Harte Fam –

Hello Mom and Dad and Brian and puppies.  Sorry that I haven’t blogged yet at all, but this is probably the closest I will get.  I’m still alive and kicking, and working hard.  I climbed a huge rock today utilizing mainly my forehead and managed to scale a mountain without too many accidents.  See you all soon.  Love to you all.

Bat Fam –

Hey everybody!!! Hope you are all doing well and ready for the new year!! I am having a fantastic time and am excited about sharing all my stories with you! See you all soon and lots of love!! PS….Grandpa, just so you know, we have used the pocket knife and the survival kit many many times on the trip and everyone knows it came from Grandpa Floyd. Love you.

Row Fam –

Hello Mama Bets, Mac Daddy, and the bro. Hope all is well at home in the Chi-city. I know you are all missing me dearly…especially you Brian. Mom I hope you had a lovely birthday…just so the world knows,  you’re not a day over 30. I’m having a blast and can’t wait to see you all very soon! Love you! Peace and love, your favorite daughter and sister.

Sala Hankle Everyone!


3 Responses to “SUP FAM.”

  1. Laurie B says:

    Hi! Sounds like it’s a fantastic experience. Can’t wait to see and hear all about it. Happy New Year! What a way to start off 2013! Lots of hugs sent your way!
    Love you!
    Momma B

  2. Mom Harte says:

    Finally we hear from Erin H– we are good here too — getting ready to go to the Janigros for our annual dinner. Reading the blogs every day — so interesting. Can’t wait to hear more about it all.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Aunt Barb says:

    KUDOS to this wonderful Wittenberg group for your hard work and generous hearts in Lesotho. Looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing photos (hint, hint, Erin H.!). Safe travels to all!

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