Fun in the Sun

Sunday, a day of rest. This morning we drove to Morija to hike a mountain to see some dinosaur footprints.  The footprints are from the Lesothosaurus, which happens to be a real dinosaur.  It was about an hour hike; the view was great and we all really enjoyed it.  We got back around 1pm and had lunch.  There were hot dog buns, but we weren’t quite sure what we were supposed to do with them…so some people got creative.

After lunch, some people went to nap or shower, but a bunch of us went to the pool.  Best. Pool. Party. Ever. At the pool, some people were reading, some were journaling, some were tanning, and some were in the water.  We started a game called Tips, which we played with oranges and apples since we didn’t have a ball.  It’s really nice to see how much we’ve grown as a group and how we’re interacting with people that we hadn’t interacted with before. It’s cool how this trip attracts a diverse group of people from Witt that might have never crossed paths otherwise. We all really feed off of each others’ energy and we’ve talked about wanting to continue to hang out and stay close when we’re back on campus.

Life is good.

-Emily and Britt

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