Hard Work Pays Off

Today we went back to the two sites from yesterday, with some group changes so several people were able to work at both sites. One group went back to the greenhouse that just started yesterday, which got completed today! The plastic siding that was provided for us to nail on coincidentally were the colors of the Lesotho flag; green, white, and blue. We worked all morning to get the siding and roof up and we all enjoyed seeing the colors reflecting on the ground and children playing in and around the colorful new structure. It felt great to be able to complete this project in such a short amount of time since they have been asking for this greenhouse for 3 years. It will provide vegetables in the off season, be utilized as educating children in agriculture classes, and the proceeds will go towards supporting the community.

At the Kick 4 Life site the group completed the construction of the benches, painted them, finished digging a couple holes, made cement, and cemented the benches into the ground.

At both sites every project intended to be completed got finished and the group as a whole is really feeling a sense of accomplishment. Being able to visibly see the impact we are making on the community keeps us motivated and excited for the next project. Since we have been here for two weeks we have obviously been made aware of the poverty and daily struggles the Basotho face, but knowing that our hard work is at least helping some facets of their lives is giving us just as much as we have given, if not more.

We ended the day with a shopping trip to the Basotho hat shop, selling traditional Lesotho souvenirs like hats, tapestries, jewelry, pottery, weavings, etc. So parents, friends, and family prepare yourselves… we aren’t coming home empty handed!

Thank you to all of our loved ones who are supporting us and following our trip through this blog.

Ben, Michelle, Mary Ann, and Erin R.

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  1. Andy Cason says:

    It really sounds like everyone is really having a wonderful time. How exciting. Tell Luke that his Dad wants a hat…!. Oh, yeah, is Luke still alive? We have not heard from him….well…….as long as I get a hat.lol.

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