Mount Keketso

Ramabanta was absolutely incredible.  Christmas was exactly what we needed since we were all away from our families.  The Rosenberg’s and “Santa” did a wonderful job making us feel like we were with our families.  My favorite experience up there was definitely climbing what we called Mount Keketso.  Luke, Travis, Chelsea, Vatalia, Aunt Leigh and myself climbed one of the mountain peaks off in the distance last Sunday. We decided to climb without a guide which actually turned out for the better.  There was a dirt “road” (more like a path) between the main road and the village at the bottom of the mountain so it was as fairly easy start.  Once we reached the village we met our “guide.”  There was a group of kids that talked to us as soon as we got to the village and we asked a couple of them the best way to head up the mountain.  Little did we know that a 12 year old boy would guide us all the way up the peak.  He turned out to be a blessing.  He took us up the “easiest” path and kept us away from the cattle herders and let us know where snakes were more prevalent.  The path up the mountain was not easy.  At some points I felt that I was climbing rather than hiking up the mountain.  Because of the elevation, we also had to make frequent stops for water and to get some air.  Once we made it to the top, three hours later, the views were breath taking.  We ate our lunch at the side of the mountain over looking three different waterfalls in the background.  This was where were able to really talk to our “guide” and get to know him more.  He told us that his name was Keketso and told us a little more about his life in the village.  Since we didn’t know the name of the peak we told Keketso we were naming the mountain after him because he was such a huge blessing to us.  The way down was MUCH easier than going up.

Climbing the mountain was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Reaching the top I felt so relieved and so accomplished.  Once we came back we looked at the map and realized the peak we climbed was over 9,000ft up.  No wonder we had to stop so often! Knowing that only made it more rewarding!

Now I can’t wait to come home and take on other peaks in the US!


Shout out to all my family, Mom, Dad and Adam I love you and miss you all!!


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  1. Aunt Nancy says:

    Great job, Rachel! You should be more than ready to come to NH and climb some of the harder White Mountains now. Maybe stay over in a hut…

    Glad to hear you’re having such an amazing trip. Love the blog and knowing what you guys are up to! Keep those posts coming!

  2. Mom says:

    Wow Rach, what an adventure! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it. Love you and miss you too!

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