The Sound Of Music

This morning, 8 of us (britt, ben, emily, maggie q, alyssa, mary ann, kali, our bus driver lee) made the ten minute walk to the local catholic church for the 11am service. As you could probably imagine, the 8 white college students in the back pew stuck out like sore thumbs, but the local Basotho were very welcoming and appreciated us attending. The entire service other than the second half of the sermon was in Sesotho, but we did not have to understand the language to appreciate the beautiful music/singing. A small Basotho girl named Gadubi (sp?) ended up sittng on britt’s lap and falling asleep once the service started. She then began snoring, which caused britt and i to begin laughing… Which caused a few awkward glances. I dont think any offenses were taken. The silliness ended when an older woman allowed the girl to sleep on her lap and left britt to have free hands. Although we didnt understand most of the service, we were all able to be brought together through sharing the peace. One woman went out of her way to walk to the back of the church to shake each of our hands and make us feel welcome. After the service, she came back to the trading post to specifically thank us and tell us how she appreciated our service. We had to leave early for lunch, but on the way back, as we scaled down a mountain, it felt like we were in the sound of music.
Britt and mary ann began to sing, “the hills are alive with the sound
of music…”

Benben & Brittbritt

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  1. TWyche says:

    I’m glad you guys are having an amazing time while you’re over there! :) P.S. Merry Belated Christmas!

  2. LIV says:

    Beautiful people, miss you and cant wait to here your stories.

    Peace, Liv <3

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