Applicant Career Goals vs. Graduation Major

We ask students what their career goals are when they apply to Wittenberg. Of course, we track our students as they graduate. How well do applicant intent and graduation major match up?

This table  gives some interesting insights. (It is big and can’t really be replicated inside this window.)

The data come from the 2005 entering cohort and looks at their May 2009 graduation results. Here is how to interpret the table for one group of students – those who declared a career interest in Business and graduated with a Management degree:

40 listed Business as their career goal (go to the end of the row labelled BUSINESS)

42 from the 2005 cohort actually graduated in May 2005 with a MGT major (go to the bottom of the MGT column)

24 who declared BUSI graduated in MGT (go the the BUSI / MGT crosshairs)

The data could be used to assess the “drift” away from intended field, “attraction” to a major, and “market share” gain and loss.

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