Why It Matters:
In Their Own Words

Chelsea Zang
Cincinnati, Ohio

“As a student-athlete, the new facility would mean new opportunities to better and further strive for the greatness I want to achieve.  It would allow the growth of my abilities and help me to reach my full potential and become the champion I hope to be one day.  This would be a place to train and a place of hard work where teams can come together for one common goal, pouring their hearts and souls into the sport they love for the time they are here. It will be a place of healthy competition and pushing each other to be the best they can be for the common goal and betterment of the team.”

Patrick Rittenhouse
Fort Wayne, Indiana

“The new facility is an incredible opportunity for not only student-athletes and sports management majors, but for the entire Wittenberg community. Wittenberg will finally have a facility and environment comparable to the teams it competes with and one that more accurately represents the storied success Wittenberg has had over the years. This new facility is an excellent way to put Wittenberg on the map, attract and retain students, and push our competitive edge to the next level.”

Haley Dannemiller
Cleves, Ohio
Basketball & Lacrosse

“Being a two-sport athlete, I am always in the HPER training and practicing. It can get really crowded in the weight rooms, and teams have to share locker rooms. Having a new facility means updated equipment, more room for teams to work out and grow together. A new facility will also attract more people and bring in many more students so they can experience Wittenberg for themselves.”

Matt Arroyo
Cincinnati, Ohio

“It means a lot to be a student athlete especially at a great school like Wittenberg. Playing tennis for Wittenberg is a great opportunity for me because I know I wanted to continue to play tennis at the collegiate level but still get a great education, and the advantage of both at Wittenberg is that your coach is always there for you for problems in the classroom or on the court. Wittenberg also has a strong reputation of teams always fighting their hardest and being at the top of athletics in the region and nation.” 

Nicole Karavakis
Canal Winchester, Ohio
Marketing Major, Class of 2018

“I see the new facility as a new opportunity for Wittenberg University and the Springfield community. It would create a space for year-round training for all students, faculty and staff members, while also providing the university the opportunity to impact its community through health and wellness programming, fitness classes and youth sports camps that will train the next generation of Tigers.”

Shannon Brueck
Loveland, Ohio

“The construction of a new facility would allow all of us as student-athletes to train year-round more effectively and fulfill our academic obligations more efficiently. Right now, we have so many student-athletes and teams who are competing for limited playing and practice space at Wittenberg – as a soccer player, we have limited opportunities to use the gyms in the winter and the turf in the spring. I look forward the completion of this new facility, which will make a tremendously positive impact upon all aspects of the Wittenberg experience.”

Zach Lough
Springfield, Ohio
Student Body President

"The new and improved athletic facility will not only benefit current Wittenberg student athletes, it will also benefit the general student body by providing state-of-the-art amenities, as well as provide new and improved classroom space for students to learn and grow from this facility physically and academically on campus. By providing a better and up-to-date athletic facility, the university can grow what it does for its current athletes, but also what it does for its non-athletes on campus. This is not to mention the benefit that will come to our students who are involved in recreational programs and club sports on campus as well. In addition, this new facility will increase student motivation to either continue to use or start using the facility on a regular basis, because the overall promotion of health and wellness on campus is important to our overall campus community. In regards to community, as a Springfield native, it is also my hope that members of our Springfield Community will get more involved with Wittenberg by supporting our students at the various athletic events that are held throughout the year."