T -72 hours

Hey guys this is Ben and Matt here to fill you in on the day’s activities. The day started off with a French toast breakfast and sausage. Then the group split up to do their research, some groups went to Bonefish while others went to Singers Point and Telephone Pole Reef. The groups are in a rush to collect as much data as possible before we leave.

Students talking to Club Med Vacationers about their research

It’s been tough as the weather has been less than ideal for our research, strong currents and weird tides have been making it hard to get the data that we all desire. However we are staying positive and with the help of KR, JW and the always positive Dr. Phillips we are making good headway.  After a good morning of data collection we headed back to the GRC for some lunch and then……..waiting. As we said before the weather has been less than ideal so or plans for the day were pretty much up in the air.  We then decided one final trip to town to see the straw lady would be helpful and a nice way to spend the afternoon, so that’s what we did. About half the group went while the other half stayed to work on data analysis and to study for the final on Thursday.

Nothing beats a nice ride in the rain!

Once we got back we were all sitting around waiting in anxious anticipation for our dinner. However this was no ordinary dinner, we were being treated tonight to home cooked island food at the Short Stop. When the time rolled around we all pilled in the truck and drove to the Short Stop for some conch fritters, fresh fish, conch strips, chicken, rice, mac ‘n ‘cheese and cole slaw. Needless to say we all cleaned our plates and were very satisfied with a fantastic dinner. Once dinner was done the card games began, students played a few games of euchre and uno. After a while the group called it a night and took a nice walk back to the GRC and enjoyed the beautiful night sky.

Students enjoying a feast at the Short Stop


by Ben Dotson ’14 and Matt Schramm ’14

3 Responses to “T -72 hours”

  1. Arlis Perry says:

    Hi Allison! And your fellow travelers!!

    It’s too bad that your in your last few hours and the weather isn’t cooperating! Hopefully it will clear up for your last day there!! Allison, the June Gloom has returned here to the beach so hopefully it will go away before you get home! It’s been better than most June’s though!! Keep working hard. Can’t wait til Saturday and being able to finally celebrate your birthday!!

    Miss you tons,

  2. Connie winzeler says:

    Hi Gracie! Really missing you now! We can tell you’re having a really fun time there! It really looks beautiful, makes me want a vacation in the Bahamas! Sounds like you’ve been well fed, that last dinner sounded fabulous!
    Hope the weather gives you some sunshine for your last couple of days, study hard for that test! Love you, miss you tons! Mom

  3. Debbie Nagy says:

    Hi Christen! We’ve missed you a lot, but can’t believe that you will be home in 2 days! Hope you get what you need for your research project and do well on your exam. Looking forward to seeing you and Allie Friday night and hearing all about your adventures!

    Love ya lots!

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