Wind… and Song!

It’s Ed and Tim! Hello once again audience! When we last left our heroes, we were continuing with our research projects both on the reefs and intertidal zones. The morning was off to a slow start, but the pancake breakfast accompanied with bacon, which is the most beautiful thing on earth, worked wonders. The reef research teams had the morning off to rest for the rough afternoon ahead. The intertidal squads headed out right after breakfast to do some more sampling and data collecting. A couple from Club Med was walking on the beach and questioned the brittle star group as to what they were doing and had a nice conversation about it. For the most part, it was the most exciting part out in the field this morning.

Dani, Ben, and Hannah conversing with the Club Med couple about brittle stars

After we had our lunch of grilled cheese and soup we headed out to the south end of the island for a long swim to High Cay. It was a long, bumpy ride sure to be well worth it! We arrived at the beach and crossed over the sand dune, ready to take on the challenge. However, the water was too rough to attempt the crossing to High Cay. We weren’t too eager to hop back on to the truck and ride all the way back so soon, so we hung out and explored the beach and got even tanner! This beach was different because there were numerous conch shells strewn throughout the sand and water. Stubbed toes were a common sight. The ladies tanned along the beach, while the men skipped conch shells along the waves and played our favorite game “beached whale”.  After an hour of lolly-gagging, we headed back on to the truck back to the research center. But this was no ordinary truck ride. Something happened that has never happened on this trip. That’s right; we all broke in to song! For the hour long truck ride back to the GRC, many songs were sung, including Don’t stop Believing, I Wanna Talk About Me, and Wagon Wheel. Yours truly (Ed) became very enthusiastic when singing “Dirty Pop” by N’Sync.

Beached whales at their finest

Sun, sand, and smiles from the Bahamas!

We arrived back at the centre in time for dinner and some well-deserved naps. After we had our night class, we normally look over the pictures taken throughout the day. What some might not have suspected was that KR was taking videos of us singing on the truck. We’re sure you can guess what happened next. Oh yes, we watched all the videos of the truck ride! After that, half the class decided to call it a night and went to bed while others stayed in the classroom and watched Pixar’s UP.

We learned a lot from the experiences of today. We can’t control what Mother Nature has in store for the day and field exercises don’t always work out as planned or expected. We had to make the most with the cards we were dealt and do the best we could! In the end, it was a great day and much was learned by everybody! We wish you well from the Bahamas; this has been Ed and Tim. Thanks for tuning in!

by Ed Young ’15 and Tim Weissman ’14

9 Responses to “Wind… and Song!”

  1. Connie winzeler says:

    Wow how fun! So glad everyone is having wonderful experiences! Love reading your blogs, the pictures are great, looks so beautiful there!
    only a few more days left, looking forward to seeing you Friday Gracie!
    Have a busy fun weekend planned Gracie, starting Saturday morning!

  2. Hey Bahamas Team!

    It sounds like you all are having so much fun on the beach and in the sun. Reading your blogs are literally the highlight of my day at the office. Can’t wait to see you all back at witt soon and hear more about your adventures. Enjoy the last few days : )

    Bahamas love,

  3. Debbie Nagy says:

    Reading this made me smile & I wondered did Christen & Allie start the sing along? And was Call Me Maybe one of the songs :) work hard play hard! Can’t wait to hear more of the details! See you soon!

    Love, Mom

  4. Linda Crawford says:

    Breaking out in song? I would love to see those video’s. haha
    Some of you may have noticed..Alex cannot sing. She clearly gets that from her dad. (just sayin..)

    Glad you all had a great day. It was much deserved.

    Just a few short days and you will all be back home.

    Alex and Jon..i miss you both!!

    Love you


  5. Barb Eberle says:

    Everyone keeps talking about the “Truck”. Would love to see a picture of the truck Dani. Love Nana

  6. Lisa says:

    Nice tan, Sara!!! We’ll have to compare tans when I see you on Friday . Lol. Can’t wait to see the pics you have taken, hear the stories you have. …..and SEE YOU!!!!
    Miss ya bunches!


  7. Jessica Batanian says:

    Hallie!!! Hope all is well! Just got done with our first open gym after camp day #1. It went really well! We all got some rust off our shoulders and were playing some great rallies. Obviously we were slap happy as usual, like we always are at camps! hahaha but it was fun and I believe all the freshmen are here but Zito! They are pretty funny! Keep soaking up the sun and I will see you when you get back!!

  8. Tasha says:

    Aloha once again! I can’t believe how fast the time goes! I love reading the blog each day and comparing my field (or office) experience. It’s exciting a nurse shark and a hawksbill came along (both highlights on my trip as well). Keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of the trip! Mahalo :)

  9. Dave Young says:

    Ed – loved the blog! Never knew you were an N’Sync fan. We are all excited to get you back!

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