Over the Wall

Preparing to swim to the wall

This morning started off in hopeful anticipation of the quarter-mile swim from Snapshot to the wall—the point at which the beautiful blue-green water that the Caribbean is known for changes abruptly to a vast blue underwater cliff. The weather was perfect for the journey, with rays from the sun glistening through the water down over the wall. We saw a multitude of Black Durgon, Ocean Triggerfish, and Creole Wrasse. We were very excited to get this once in a lifetime opportunity to glance into a world we don’t usually get to see!

Over the wall at Snapshot!

Some students were nervous at first to swim over the wall, but once we got there, everyone was excited by the view. A large group photo shoot was immediately taken underway and came to a halt only when a large Great Barracuda swam by to investigate. We tucked all our shiny jewelry away and watched in awe as he circled the group and disappeared into the murky blue. We continued to snorkel around the wall until KR, JW and Phillips called us back to begin the return swim to the truck.

Gracie coming up from a dive over the wall!

After lunch, we split into our research groups and began working on our projects for the afternoon. At Bonefish Bay, the high tide inhibited a few of the research groups (specifically groups studying the hermit crabs), which means they get to rise bright and early tomorrow to arrive at low tide. Alex and Jon discovered that two of their marked chitons had moved into the same crevice! The Christmas Tree Worm group counted a total of 25 worms on one Fire Coral! Overall, we are making good progress on our projects.

We got back just in time for dinner and then went to class to listen to two organism group presentations. Tomorrow will be filled with more research opportunities and some spare time to complete outside assignments.

Trying to avoid the no-see-ums,

Gracie Winzeler  ’13 and Nicki Perry ‘14

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  1. Hi Matt,

    What an adventure! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home. I find myself looking forward to checking the blog everyday to see what you and the group have done. You are getting a workout with all the swiming and then the climbing you did the other day, just like when you were in Scouts. Good luck on your exams and research project.

    Your dad, said Hi. I have been sharing the blog with him too.

    Love Mom

  2. Paige Crawford says:

    Hey, Jon and Alex!

    I’m glad you are having a great time!!! I hope the view is as good as you said it was! I bet the barracuda was very scary! I miss you guys both!!!


  3. Connie winzeler says:

    Wow how fun, sounds like lots of swimming going on, you should all be staying in shape! We love reading all the blogs, it’s so nice to know what everyone’s doing! I’m sure some of you starting to get a little homesick for your beds, without bugs! All is well back here in Dublin, weather is hot again and very dry. Gracie, Merlot, Kevin and Andy are all doing very well! Mason has taken really good care of them! Mouse nearly caught a frog last night, it slipped out of her paws and got away! Bad kitty! Love you miss you! Keep having fun everyone!

  4. Hey Ben! We are missing you so much! I was so excited to read about your experience swimming out to the drop off. The weather here has been great, Tom and Tami arrived, and Alyssa is attending graduation parties. I hope you are surviving the bugs…can’t wait to see you!
    Love, mom!

  5. tami wert says:

    I completely understand now about the heat, humidity, and bugs. I sat outside on the patio at Cheddars with Kim and Janice drinking iced teas for over 2 1/2 hours. During which time, I got bit by a mosquito and a leaf fell in my hair. Then the walk across the parking lot was just a nightmare….couldn’t wait to turn my air on in the car. Yeesh….Just a little hometown news for ya little one. ha ha Love ya bunches, hope this gave you a laugh or two. Proud of the work you’re doing and missing ya much. Be careful and we’ll see you real soon.
    Love you,
    Mama and Daddy

  6. Deb Perry says:


    Graham just arrived. We are looking at your blog….can’t wait to hear all. Enjoy your last week in paradise.


  7. Alicia Hupp says:

    Hi Hannah! Love the pictures and blog on your swim to the wall!! I bet it was exciting for all and freaky to see a barracuda. I think my favorite so far is the Christmas Tree worm, very colorful. It’s hot and dry in Springfield, we need some rain to give the plants and grass a much needed drink. We look forward to seeing you and Dani this Friday! Can’t wait to see you and hear more about your trip. Miss you and love you. Hugs, Mom and Dad. PS-Maw says hi and she misses you too.

  8. Linda Crawford says:

    Hey all…im guessing your all getting buff with all the swimming and looking like tan models? (Just think..we can air brush out any bug bites!)

    You have less than a week and this crazy adventure will be over. Enjoy it as much as you can.

    Alex and Jon..i can not wait to see you. Jazz saw your car outside yesterday and took off like crazy and got in the back seat. Of course, dad was in the back vacuuming it and got Jazz slobber kisses before he knew what hit him. It was soooo funny.

    Alex, daddy said to tell you he has been reading this blog all the time, but you know he types w/ one finger so a comment is out of the question. He sends his love. :)

    Love you both


  9. Sarah Brumm says:

    Hi Chelle!

    Since no one else has commented on this I figured I would :) I’m glad the trip has gotten much better for you. I would have loved to do the swim over the wall. That sounds really neat. I hope you weren’t as big of a sissy as me and screamed when you saw the barracuda lol. Matthews graduation was very long but good. It went a total of 3 hours! But the food at Cat’s parents place made up for the boringness :) everyone keeps asking where you are, especially grandma lol. Can’t wait to see you and hear about your whole trip!

    Love you!

    Ps. Your doggies miss you a lot, so much that cricket gets really excited when I come home lol

  10. Deanna Saba says:

    Hi Aly, that must have been a short swim compared to the island the other day. And if you were part of the hermit crab team you had to get and do it again, I guess:) What a wonderful day in neighborhood!!!P.J. leaves today Sunday:( but you come home on friday. Eva will be sad this week with just me and her. You are doing a great job. keep it up. Love you. See you friday

  11. Mama Brown says:

    Hi Hannah,

    Sure sounds like you guys are having a wonderful experience-one you will always remember. We sure miss you here, even though nothing really exciting going on. Tom doesn’t think he needs to learn how to do his laundry cause he has youtube:) Nice-guess I have done my job! Keep having fun and we will see you soon. Be safe. Love ya, Maw

  12. Lynne Banion says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’m just dropping you a line or two from the Biology Department…keeping things going while you are away. :-) I’ve had so much fun keeping up with what you are doing! What a wonderful adventure that you’ll remember for years to come! Enjoy yourselves and be safe!

    Take care,

    Lynne B

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