Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Work We Go!!

After a long, hard day yesterday, today went a little differently.  The groups who are doing projects that need high tide, went out in the morning while the other groups studied for their test.  In the afternoon, the two groups switched.

Aly, Nicki, and Kayla performing research at Sand Dollar

The morning group faced some rough water out at Sand Dollar Reef. Luckily, everyone was still able to collect data for their research projects.  The coral reef conservation group took good pictures to analyze later and the Christmas Tree worm group found over a hundred worms!! Hallie and Adrianna also found a very large Coral Crab. He was hiding in a hole that he was way too large for.  We tried to pry him out gently with a stick.  He did not want to come out and play.

This is what we call a Christmas Tree Worm Farm

When the afternoon rolled around, it wasn’t quite low tide, so the groups had to hang out and wait for a little while.  Doing these projects have taught us all patience, and that not everything is easy or turns out like you expect it.  After a little delay, the groups got right to work.  The projects for the low tide folks consist of hermit crabs and brittle stars.  They all gained much ground on their projects.

A bright red Coral Crab hiding in a small hole trying to stay out of the powerful waves

After some last minute cramming, our exam was administered. Many found this exam more difficult than the previous, but we are all still confident in our newly gained knowledge.  Once students were done with their exams, they were asked to leave the class room to allow others to finish.  But as soon as you walked out the door you were greeted by a giant swarm of mosquitoes.  Many students were doing some funky dance moves to keep the bugs away.  But at the end of the day we all reassembled to read y’alls comments and bond by watching movies, doing crafts, and telling funny stories.  We have all become very close and are getting to know more about each other every day.  Tonight we will rest up for our swim to the drop off tomorrow.  Most students are excited while some others are apprehensive.  More dude points could be earned tomorrow.  I hear that Dr. Phillips gives great pep talks when it comes to the wall. Hopefully his inspiration gives students courage.

by Adrianna McDaniels ’15 and Hallie Donathan ’13

5 Responses to “Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Work We Go!!”

  1. L and Chip says:

    Hidy ho neighbor!! Can’t wait to hear about the drop off. Too bad you couldn’t get Mr. Crabby Patty out of his hole in bikini bottom!! Hope the no see ums aren’t feasting on you too badly.
    Love you most!!

  2. Bill Brown says:

    What an incredible trip you all seem to have had…..certainly have been on the go…sorry the Coral Crab wasn’t more sociable but pretty cool that you even found him…trying to picture in my mind exactly what the “wall” was all about….seemed like another mental challenge for everyone….pics are pretty awesome..wondering who is taking them all..and how? Less than a week left….enjoy the experience!

  3. Linda Crawford says:

    I am LOVING these pictures. (its the photographer in me). You are all going through an incredible journey right now. I wish I could have seen it first hand.

    Alex..i sure hope someone gets a picture of you under water. lol If not..im gonna cry like a sissy. (Ok, I wont..but you get my drift..wink wink)

    Oh..and Alex..off topic…daddy cleaned out your car..hahaha Im sure jon will appreciate that the most. (just imagine the grumbling i heard from him. :p~)

    Love you both


  4. Deanna Saba says:

    Aaaaah patience!!!!The virtue that makes the world go around. We all need more of it! And the greatest thing about knowledge is that no one can take it away like your faith or your memories, although you may forget some of it but it will be there when you need it. Knowledge changes people in amzing ways. I love it! Keep going!!!!Aly, Eva said when she saw the picture of you, “hey that’s my sister with her ugly shoes” :) you said it to her
    See you soon

  5. Andrea Behling says:

    sounds so amazing! I can even imagine what you guys are seeing. it all sounds so cool. we miss you hallie! camp is going….ehh…usual. can’t wait to see you so soon! keep having fun and learning lotss

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