Another Island, Another Adventure

The group preparing to head off for Man Head Cay

The group began their day by mentally preparing themselves for the swim from Rice Bay to Man Head Cay. Having been to Rice Bay before, this was familiar territory. Swimming all the way to a nearby cay, however, was something else. On the way, we saw a “Great” great barracuda and a large sand tilefish (seen only by our very own Nicki Perry). After our landing, we prepared for our ascent up the side of the cay. On the top, we saw breath-taking views of San Salvador Island, including the Dixon Hill Lighthouse which we visited only a few days ago.

The twins, once again in solitude, watching the birds

In addition to the large amount of plants on Man Head Cay, we also had the unique experience to observe the rare species of iguana native to San Salvador. Males were easily spotted since their red backs stood out against the grey rocks while they sun bathed. Females and their young were less easily spotted because of their more camouflaged appearance. While walking towards the end of the Cay, many students were surprised by a number of bridled terns angrily defending their roosts. Students were within feet of the birds and were able to observe various behaviors. While using the binoculars, a small group of students witnessed a battle between two birds over food.

The San Salvador rock iguana

The group ended their day with a quick climb down the cay and another long swim back to Rice Bay. Later in the afternoon students split up into their research groups to continue their projects on Sand dollar Reef or Bonefish Bay. Gordon was pleased to not have any more battle wounds from his enemy, the fire coral, although there was another close call. Some students were treated to a sighting of a sea turtle, while others had the amusement of watching a Black Durgeon swim sideways in shallow water. Around four o’clock, a tired group of students trekked back into the dorms for a cold shower and dinner.

Students spent the evening watching Blue Planet: Coral Seas, an excellent break from the past few days. Tomorrow we have a test, so many of us will spend the night studying and dreaming of the birds we learned about recently. Parents and friends, send us your luck, we are all hoping for A’s tomorrow!

by Andrea Rodriguez ’15 and Gordon Li ‘14

7 Responses to “Another Island, Another Adventure”

  1. Teresa O'Regan says:

    Hi Sean…….I would have loved to see you swim! The updated blog with pictures was great to see today!
    Miss you and love you,

  2. Deanna Saba says:

    Wow!!!!How long was that swim? More than a mile? From the picture and the map, it looks veryfar. Aly you are good swimmer, hope your lungs held up since you have been exercising on land for awhile now.Now you are ready to compete in IRONMAN! I am sending good luck for a good grade on your test! I am very proud of you
    Love Mom

  3. Connie winzeler says:

    Sounds like a exciting day for all! Good luck everyone on your test, study hard! Saw some pictures today, loved them! You’re all looking very tan!

  4. Linda Crawford says:

    I loved the pictures! You all are looking more tan than red..this is good. Good luck to all of you on your test.

    Alex and Jon..i miss you both. I loved your smiles in the pictures. (I prefer to think they were genuine) I cant wait to hear all about this trip first hand.

    Love you both


  5. Kathy Shingleton says:

    Loved the pictures! I’m pretty sure there’s not a fashion designer alive that has anything on the colors Mother Nature provides. Pretty amazing….

    Hope you all did well on your test, but would fall short of wishing you ‘luck’, as that is needed only by the unprepared. And I trust that learning has never been so enjoyable as it is on this trip … (don’t forget to tell your teachers ‘thanks’).

    Enjoy your last week in paradise!!!

  6. Grampy Perry says:

    Well Done, Nicki, on spotting the sand tilefish. You and your group are having an unique experience; enjoy it. We are eager to hear about our research project when you get back.

    From the land of air conditioning, hot showers, dry clothes, we wish you well.

    Love, Nanny and Grampy

    BTW: Eric is taking cold showers too.

  7. Rob Saba says:

    that looks like a long swim! did they mention the return trip to Nassau is via snorkel gear? lots of comments on the previous entries about being pushed beyond comfort zones – your profs must be doing a great job of earning your trust in that you all are willing to decide and choose to push thru the fear to learn that you are stronger than your fear. awesome for you all – I’m sure many of us reading your entries would pull up short and refuse to learn that lesson.
    God Bless.
    Aly – PJ leaves for RayBird (for the week) on Sunday – pls keep him in your prayers, you know how intense it can be especially wk1. 143-dad

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