Bahama Farewell

We started the day as usual, eating our daily serving of eggs and a muffin.  After breakfast, we boarded the truck for our last snorkel at Snapshot Reef.

It was a bittersweet morning knowing it would be our last swim together as a group.  In just 48 hours we would be at the airport getting ready to start our journey home.  Despite the mixed emotions, we observed all of the corals, fish and organisms we have studied for the past three weeks.  From blue tangs, to Christmas tree worms, we saw it all at Snapshot (Everything, but the Shark that is!).  After reviewing for the final tomorrow, we played a game of tag and enjoyed our last swim in the water here at San Sal.

Buying souvenirs in town

On the way back to the GRC, we stopped in town to pick up a refreshing  Bahamas Goombay Punch and some gifts for everyone at home from the town’s basket weaver.  Lunch today was chicken sandwiches. YUM!  After lunch, it was an afternoon of studying, napping, bracelet making, and finishing any other projects due before we leave.  After dinner, tonight’s class was focused on reviewing for our final.  We watched slide shows of all the organisms we will need to identify and reviewed all the last minute information.  As the night is coming to an end, we can’t believe there is only one day left.  Wish us luck tomorrow!  And we will be home in no time!

Bahamas out!

Our last swim together!

-written by Moira Beebe ’13 & Sarah Reilly ‘13