The End is Near

Since yesterday only half of the class could fit on the boat, today the other half took the trip out to Gaulin Reef.  Unfortunately, one person got a little sea sick…but luckily recovered later in the day.  The group saw a tiger grouper, a six foot wide southern sting ray, a two foot long Caribbean Spiny lobster, and its molt because it had recently molted. 

Caribbean Spiny Lobster Molt

After the snorkel trip, Edbert, the boat captain, took the group to Catto Cay to see nesting brown boobies, noddy turns, sooty turns, and sally lightfoot crabs.  While this part of the class was gone, others stayed at the station and worked on miscellaneous tasks to finish up research or ventured out to North Point to collect more data.

On the Boat to Gaulin Reef

The class reunited at lunch over burgers, fries, pasta salad, and jello.  For the afternoon, we all worked on gathering more data and finishing up our research.  Groups headed to Sand Dollar, Bonefish Bay, Singer’s Point, and North Point, while a few students stayed at the GRC.  After returning to the station, everyone showered and enjoyed some down time until our exciting evening activity.

After dinner at the Short Stop

Tonight there was no class…but typical Bahamian food.  Instead of more lectures, the professors took us to the local bar, the Short Stop, to enjoy a meal cooked by a couple of local ladies.  We had fish, conch fritters, peas and rice, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and guava duff.  This was a much appreciated change of pace.

After dinner, some headed back to the GRC while others stayed for a while to mingle and play card games.  All in all today was another sandy, hot, and sweaty day here on San Sal.  Everyone is starting to get mixed feelings about leaving our home away from home for our real homes.  3 DAYS.  Bahama <3.

-written by Rachael Nuzzo ’13 & Jonny Price ’13