Travel Days

Travel to San Salvador went without a hitch.  We traveled to the Columbus airport by bus, checked in easily, had time for many games of Old Maid while we waited,

and arrived in Charlotte with enough time to grab some lunch before the flight to Nassau.  We all got all our bags (yay!) and traveled by taxi to Nettie’s place, where there was time for Marco Polo in the pool before an amazing dinner of chicken, ribs, peas and rice, cole slaw, an amazing fruit punch with fresh guava juice and Coconut Jimmy for dessert, made with fresh coconut from the hotel’s tree. 

Thursday Nettie’s place made us a great breakfast of eggs, grits, steamed tuna (yummier than it sounds!), johnny cake and switcher, a yummy lemonade-like drink.  We taxied back to the Nassau airport, where nobody was worried about how much our bags weighed (yay!), and we had some time for more Old Maid and a little Euchre before boarding the Bahamas air flight to San Salvador.  We got all of our luggage (yay again!), and piled it on the truck to the field station.

That afternoon we had orientation to the field station, followed by a great snorkel introduction in Graham’s Harbor, which is right across the street from the field station.  We saw lots of organisms, including some huge cushion sea stars.  It was a fantastic start to the program. Time starts to stand still now.

Cushion Sea Star