Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, on an island far, far away a group of Wittenberg students woke up to cloudy skies.  Our group split up once again to continue gathering data.  One group, studying land crabs, remained at the field station while another group doing intertidal work was dropped off at Bonefish Bay.  The remaining people who needed to snorkel the reefs to collect information traveled on to Monument. 

Emily, Moira, and Bien with their homemade data collection devices

The water today was churning and making waves bigger than we had seen on this trip so far.  This made for low visibility on the reefs but we did the best we could.  After a little over an hour, the skies darkened and thunder began to rumble causing the Monument gang to get out early for safety reasons. 

Stormy Weather Makes for Great Pictures Not Truck Rides

We wrapped up our project work and jumped on the truck to get our people at Bonefish.  Miraculously, the rain waited until we arrived back at the GRC to start pouring down.  As people began to line up for lunch, the skies opened up completely and drenched everyone who was waiting.

After lunch the bugs came out in droves and all the students took on various task of studying, working on research projects, or working on presentation projects.  Other people took time out to nap, play cards, or just generally stare off into space contemplating our next bug bite :D   After all the rain today we are all glad to be indoors. 

Stephanie getting a much needed nap

  Research projects seem to be coming along, maybe not with the results that we all wanted, but it is field work after all :D   After dinner we stood in line, again, for some email time.  After being disappointed that our families didn’t email us back (hint hint) we were off to take our next exam!  It seems to be mixed feelings on how well we all did but I am sure we did fine.  Now we are sitting here writing this blog, scratching bug bites (sorry KR), and dreaming of braving the bugs for some much needed ice cream…

Till next time,

Kathi and Jen signing off

P.S.  We didn’t have a lot of good photos from today so we picked one of us from our wall snorkel yesterday :D

Kathi and Jen at the Wall yesterday

-written by Kathi McQueen ’11 & Jennifer Rowland ’11