Today’s Tuition: $200… Large Can of Bug Spray: $8.50… JDub going Free Willy style off Coco Thunder: Priceless

If a doctor could diagnose today, it would be “multiple personality disorder!” Looming over the island for the entire day was a grumpy storm cloud that had a nasty habit of ruining the otherwise delightful day.

Even More Quadrats

The morning started as usual: hot, sunny, and sweaty. We spent our time working on our research projects. Some of us stayed at GRC while others went to Bonefish Bay or Monument Reef.
After rigorous data collection from all groups, we hopped onto the truck and headed back to the GRC. A little ways into our drive, we were suddenly pelted with a barrage of stinging rain. JB’s “Rite in the Rain” notebook was soaked beyond repair. A few people held up towels to block their faces from the merciless “sandpaper rain” while others yelled in agony.

Rain Drops Falling on Our Heads

After arriving back at the GRC, we attempted to dry off. On our afternoon trip we headed to the “Grotto.” Grotto Beach is secluded from almost all Bahamian life. The water was the clearest we have seen all trip! Today’s purpose was to relax before the storm of “Quizzes” (do not let the name fool you they are actually midterms), Final Exam, Research Projects and Phylum Presentations begin to remind us that we are still in school :-( !!

Grotto Beach Fun

To relax, we created synchronized swimming teams. The girls made an artsy show, while the guys created an acrobatic one. In our humble opinion and the consensus of the guys, the team of “Coco Thunder,” “Jonny Bravo,” “Boo Boo,” “Spanky,” “Poseidon and “Boop!” won the Gold. After all the fun, videos and pictures that we had at Grotto Beach, we were dragged out by “Mommy,” “Daddy” and “the Awkward Cousin.” As a common occurrence the last few days our truck ride consisted of blistering rain. We made a quick stop in town for supplies for our research projects. To end our day we are sitting here listening to a lecture on corals…as you can tell it is very exciting since we wrote this during it!! Joking; class was fun!!!

Peace Out
Ben and Kevin

P.S. To Parents…your tuition money is well spent do not worry!!

-written by Ben Rausch ’13 & Kevin To ’13