Let’s get it started!

Today was the first day we had a chance to work on research projects. However, it was mostly just trial and error to test different methods for data collection. This helped each group get a better idea of what their specific question would be for the project. To do this, half of the group went to Bonefish Bay, half to Snapshot, and one group stayed at the GRC. Overall, it was a good first step towards the research projects that will continue through the fall semester.

Our Divers preparing for another adventure. (Dr.Phil isn't in this shot but he dove also)

In the afternoon we revisited French Bay on the south end of the island. We saw a Spanish Lobster which is nocturnal so it was a great find to see it during the day; a Yellow Spotted Eel was seen by some snorkelers, as well as a cleaner shrimp on an anemone. Once again, our divers donned their dive suits and tanks for another adventure. The underwater pictures are limited at this time since most of the cameras are currently in rehab.

The truck ride home was quite interesting, to say the least. It involved spotty pelting rain, some serious loss of equipment which led to a few turnarounds and one wardrobe casualty by an unnamed person aka ‘awkward hand.’ But, like most things it ended well with a game and the singing of “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson just for Dr. Phil.

Some of the group on the truck after the rain.

Wishing you warm weather and some of our bug bites.

P.S. The internet has been quite bad which led to the late posting of the June 6 blog…this may also be the reason for lack of e-mail communication from your student.

-written by Tasha Boerst ’13 & Josh Fridley ’13